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Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium I met Point Defiance Zoo Director

Discussion in 'United States' started by Gforrestersmith, 24 Sep 2011.

  1. Gforrestersmith

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    23 Sep 2011
    Hermiston, Oregon, US
    There's Something I got to tell you: I met John Houck, Director of Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium! I'm Going to Tell you EveryThing that Happen, EveryThing I say really did Happened on June 15, 2011.

    It was One regular Summer Day when My Dad and I drove to Tacoma for a Trip to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. As We Walked around the Zoo till we Arrived at the Red Wolf Exhibit where while I was Looking for the Wolves, My Dad was Talking with a ZooKeeper about some Notes, the Notes were on Some Plans for the Zoo's Future, Then the ZooKeeper took Me and Dad to the Administration Office where he said it was Once the Old Petting Zoo, when we Arrived we wait in the Office until John Houck came, I shook his Hand and He Asked "Want to See some Sharks?" and I replied "Yes!". John Houck, My Dad, and I walked to a where Few People get to go to: Behind the Scenes of the Shark Tank at the South Pacific Aquarium building at the Zoo. I Told Him that I heard about one of the Clouded Leopards being Pregant he Replied "They were Both Yesterday", I couldn't believe it. When we got into the Building we Saw The Tank Filters, One Filters the Sand, The Kitchen which is Used to Prepare the Food for the Sharks, and Finally the Main Event: Above the Shark Tank. Various Species of Marine Fishes Swimmed Around the Tank, Including Various Species of Sharks, Such as the Nurse Shark which just Layed on the Tank Floor and the SandTiger Shark which I said "This Shark is Like the One from the Film JAWS" Houck Replied "Yeah but that Shark was Bigger". There was Also little pools for Marine Creatures, a Model HammerHead Shark which I said Reminded of the HammerHead Creatures from Avatar, and Above the Tank was a Small Boat that was used for One Purpose: to Change the Lights above the Tank. While I was Getting Distracting by the Sharks, My Father and Houck talked about the Notes I made for the Zoo's Future. After the Tour was Finished, John went back to His Work and My Dad and I continued Walking around the Zoo.

    The End