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If your home zoo acquired two acres, how would you use it?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Zoos' started by Neil chace, 12 May 2021.

  1. Neil chace

    Neil chace Well-Known Member

    27 Aug 2018
    The vast majority of zoos are heavily limited in what they achieve because of their inability to expand. If your home zoo had the ability to acquire two additional acres adjacent to the zoo, how would you use this space? This can be used for whatever you want it to be used for, however you must specify what side of the zoo these two acres are located.
  2. Neil chace

    Neil chace Well-Known Member

    27 Aug 2018
    My home zoo is the Capron Park Zoo. The most likely two acre expansion would be on the field hockey field next to the zoo. If I was able to expand the zoo onto this field, I would build a new complex called Tropical Asia. The complex holds 26 species, 15 of which are brand new to the zoo. The complex would contain two sets of rotational exhibits:

    Set 1- 6 outdoor 5-7,000 sqft exhibits:
    1.1 Sloth Bear
    1.1 Malayan Tiger (2 exhibits)
    1.1 Malayan Tapir
    1.1 Lowland Anoa (2 exhibits)

    Set 2- 3 outdoor and 4 indoor exhibits, 2-3,000 sqft:
    1.1 Fishing Cat
    1.1 Javan Gibbon
    1.3 Francois' Langurs
    1.1 Rhinoceros Hornbill
    1.1 Clouded Leopard

    In addition to the outdoor exhibits, there will be one central building housing the four indoor rotational exhibits, a Walk-through Aviary, and some reptile exhibits.
    The reptiles are:
    1.1 Phillippine Crocodile
    1.0 Blood Python
    1.0 Red-tailed Ratsnake
    1.0 Green Tree Python

    The aviary contains:
    2.2.x Rodrigues Fruit Bat
    1.1 Victorian Crowned Pigeon
    1.1 Pheasant Pigeon
    2.2 Pied Imperial Pigeon
    2.2 Nicobar Pigeon
    3.1 Raggiana Bird of Paradise
    2.2 Metallic Starling
    2.2 Asian Fairy Bluebird
    4.0 Beautiful Fruit Dove
    4.0 Black-naped Fruit Dove
    1.0 Mindadao Bleeding Heart Dove
    1.3 Crested Wood Partridge
    1.1 Blue-faced Honeyeater

    Please don't hesitate to share any suggestions you have.
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  3. OkapiFan

    OkapiFan Well-Known Member

    5 May 2021
    Third Planet From The Sun
    My home zoo is the Greensboro Science Center. The only place they could acquire more land is the woods that are next to it, however these woods are park of a historical park (This is where a big part of the Revolutionary War happened) If they were able to get this land, I would build exhibits for animals that were in early expansion plans but never made it through. I would first expand the small cat complex, which now (by that I mean when it opens next month) Fishing Cats, a Serval, a Sand Cat, and a Black-footed Cat. This new part will include an outdoor and indoor exhibit for Ocelots as well as Clouded Leopards. There is will be a path that leads from area near the extension that will take you to a walk-through Tree Kangaroo habitat. After this, you would see a building at the end of the path. There is also an enclosure to either side of you The one on the left contains Mandrills, and the one on the right contains Orangutans. You can go in the building to learn about these awesome primates and view their indoor areas.
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  4. Animallover360

    Animallover360 Well-Known Member

    7 Mar 2021
    Boston, Massachusetts
    One of my home zoos is the Stone Zoo. I would make an exhibit called “Rivers of Asia.” This exhibit would have Fishing Cats, Asian Small Clawed Otters and Siamangs sharing a habitat, Malayan Tapirs, Chinese Alligator, and Japanese Giant Salamanders.
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  5. Ztlabraptor211

    Ztlabraptor211 Well-Known Member

    14 May 2021
    My local zoo is the Calgary Zoo, and personally I'd want them to rebuild their old South American area. They had a pretty solid South American house but flooding destroyed it and they moved the majority of the animals. They still have the peccaries, flamingoes, rheas and alpacas.

    I'd want them to build a building kind of like the one they have for Africa, with a big interior area that extends into outdoor enclosures for the larger animals. It would also be interesting to have the building focus on the different ecoregions of each area to show that South America, which is pretty alien to Canadian visitors, is a lot more than just the Amazon.

    Ideally it would represent the Pantanal, the Andes, the Amazon and the Cerrado, four distinct ecoregions that would each have their own representative species in areas of the building themed after them. The Flamingoes and alpacas would be in the Andean area, and getting condors like they used to have would be great for that. The Cerrado could house anteaters like they used to have, along with rheas and peccaries, and maybe a new addition of maned wolves. The pantanal could show giant river otters, jaguars, and maybe a shared small caiman/capybara enclosure. Aquatic viewing would be a must with this one, and then the Amazon area would be themed after a flooded forest like the old lemur enclosure was based around. Large amazon fish swimming in the water with select primate and bird species in separated arboreal segments