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Zoologico de Cali Jaziquima

Discussion in 'Colombia' started by toto98, 12 Jun 2013.

  1. toto98

    toto98 Well-Known Member

    22 Dec 2012
    I dont know if you have seen some pictures in the Colombian gallery with the name of "Jaziquima", so i wantted to do a short explanation of what is it.
    Jaziquima is the name of a group of new colombian primate exhibits in the cali zoo, the word (jaziquima) means "the people of the forest" which is a reference to the monkeys. There had been a plan to build a colombian primate complex since 2010, because the one that existed before was quite small and did not have a safe way to work with the primates, as there was no management areas.

    today, the existing exhibits are the result of 10 months of demolition and construction designed by AFH designs. It consists on 6 different aviary style exhibits, 5 viewing houses that simulate different houses from people in the forests, 1 deck with view to the flamingo lake and 3 manging area complex´s.

    Visitors enter the exhibit by a ramp, which directs them into the "settler" house, which is the green house in pictures, it has the viwing area for the colombian spider monkey, and it also has some furniture that shows the deforestation in colombia for the past centuries, and it tells that settlers in the forest collect wood to sell.
    They come out to find the viewing deck to the flamingo lake, which houses a group of caribean flamingoes, some brown pelicans, black bellied whistling ducks, fulvous whistling ducks, true wild muscovy ducks and black swans. But wild kingfishers, herons, bitterns, egrets and night herons can be found.
    Afterwards, visitors pass through the entrance to the maloca, which means community house, from the big house the tufted capuchins and the squirrel monkeys can be seen.
    Later, visitor "climb" to the scientist observatory house, which as its name says, a scientist observatory with view to the colombian spider monkeys.
    Whn visitors come back down they enter the tikuna house, which is from the tikuna indigenous group found in the amazon. from the house the pygmy marmosets and the capuchin monkeys are seen.
    Finlly, visitors get to the embera house, which is a kiosk style house with dirt floor from which the wooly monkeys are seen. they later come out to the visitor pathway to continue to see the zoo.
    link to jaziquima images:Zoologico de Cali Gallery
    Link to the jaziquima webpage:
    Link to the zoo facebook:
    The exhibit will be officially inaugurated the 20th of june 2013
  2. Kifaru Bwana

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    25 Jan 2006
    Amsterdam, Holland
    Thank you toto98 for sharing this with us.

    I have seen - I think on Facebook - pictures of the new exhibit it is certainly a novelty for this part of the world. Yet it underlines that part. Colombia has some really nice zoos. :D