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Kuala Lumpur Mouse Deer Park

Discussion in 'Malaysia' started by Peter Dickinson, 21 Sep 2009.

  1. Peter Dickinson

    Peter Dickinson Well-Known Member

    23 Jul 2009
    Wherever I hang my hat
    When visiting the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park it would seem a pity not to visit the Kuala Lumpur Mouse Deer Park as well. It is only a very short walk away and is definitely worth a visit. The Mouse Deer is a special animal within Malaysian Folklore so seeing them here I thought would be extra special. It wasn't though. Still a very pleasant aside and a relaxing half hour or so.
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  2. MRJ

    MRJ Well-Known Member

    29 Jan 2008
    In the spirit of @snowleopard, I visited so you don't have to. Unfortunately the mouse deer have all gone, replaced in what I presume were their enclosures by a collection of poultry. Right at the back there is a paddock with a small herd of full sized deer. I presume they were sambar, the only signs said rusa, but that is the Malay word for deer.

    Actually it is not that bad, the walk from the Bird Park is through Botanic Gardens and parkland. I did see some nice birds, including a shikra and an Asian koel. The facility itself is over the top for a dozen deer, with elevated walkways and well maintained landscaping.