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Mr Moke, St. Louis Zoo's Talking Chimpanzee

Discussion in 'United States' started by Peter Dickinson, 3 Oct 2009.

  1. Peter Dickinson

    Peter Dickinson Well-Known Member

    23 Jul 2009
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    I must admit that before a few weeks ago I had never heard of Mr. Moke the Talking Chimpanzee though I do have a dim recollection of him in the 'Bell Boy'. The fact that he was a 'talking chimpanzee' is not actually important. What fascinated me as I researched was that he was marooned on a desert island as a sort of 'man Friday' for a time. He lived too on Pitcairn Island (Mutiny on the Bounty fame) and must have been the only chimp there ever. He may have been the only chimpanzee to visit Tahiti as well. He was kidnapped and was the centre of a custody case. All fascinating stuff. I do wonder if he ever bred. Anybody know?