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My Animal Book

Discussion in 'Zoo Cafe' started by CarLover, 30 Aug 2021.

  1. CarLover

    CarLover Well-Known Member 5+ year member

    27 Sep 2017
    From a young age, I loved animal books and illustrations. However, some animal books left me unsatisfied due to missing some animals or the illustrations looking bad. So I started making my own animal books. I would make them in notebooks, using pens to outline the animal, and then color it with crayons. However, I noticed that the colors with get on the next page and ruin the desired effect, so I started taking pages out and started using binders. I wanted to make my drawings look realistic, so I would use illustrations from encyclopedias for reference instead of drawing free hand. Then I started using photographs as reference and I liked the results. Since high school, I have made several animal encyclopedias, though I never had any published. I was wondering if I could share my encyclopedia with everyone here on ZooChat. I will say, some of the illustrations were referenced off photographs taken by the likes of Joel Sartore, so hopefully I’m not committing any infringement.
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