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net of accommodations

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by ireneus, 25 Jan 2009.

  1. ireneus

    ireneus Member

    24 Jan 2009
    Wroclaw, Dolnoslaskie, Poland
    I'm brand new here. I just wanted to ask what do You think about creating an "net of accommodations"- a list (group) of people in diferent countries which work in zoos (or not) and could host zoo-travelers from other cities/countries?
    I can be first.
    I (or rather we) can offer:
    -for 1-2 people
    -in Wroclaw (Poland)
    -I'm an elephant keeper in a Zoo
    -if You could bring me zoo bookguide from Your zoo
    -You can find me at Hospitality Club > ireneus

    If someone want to join me pleas write Your "offer" like I did it. It will be clear ennough.