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New Aquarium Being Built in Springfield Missouri

Discussion in 'United States' started by d1am0ndback, 19 Mar 2017.

  1. d1am0ndback

    d1am0ndback Well-Known Member

    3 Dec 2016
    Texas, United States
    A new aquarium, the Wonders of Nature Museum, is set to open sometime this year.

    Details are limited but there is to be an open ocean tank with mahi mahi, a freshwater tank with monstrous fish such as arapaima, vampire fish, and wels catfish, and an area devoted to native fish and wildlife of Missouri (possibly with bald eagles).

    It will double as a museum, with hunting and fishing record animals exhibited taxidermy.

    It is being built as an extension to a bass pro shops, the first and largest one, which in it's own right is a wonder to go through (bass pro shops are known for their live animals, this one including free flight ruddy ducks, teals, and mallards, tanks with sturgeon, catfish, gar, and an exhibit with alligators).