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New Wildlife Protection Group

Discussion in 'Wildlife & Nature Conservation' started by tvh01, 10 Nov 2011.

  1. tvh01

    tvh01 New Member

    10 Nov 2011

    My name is Tayler Hughes, I'm starting a new wildlife conservation group that will take a more forceful stance on wildlife crimes around the world.

    Places like Xiongshen Tiger and Bear Mountain Village and Tiger Temple have received some quite serious allegations against how they operate their establishments. In the case of Xiongshen these allegations have been proven a number of times by reputable organisations, as such I don't hesitate in saying that their organisation need to be shut down and their animals relocated to a safe environment. At Xiongshen their 1500+ tiger population is forced to entertain the guests, beaten when they refuse, their not feed adequately, not housed adequately and once they die (which is not always of natural causes) their bones are used to make tiger wine - which is then sold illegally to the guests of the zoo. I'm sorry to say that this is just the tip of a very large ice burg when it comes to Xiongshen but I wont ramble on.
    On the other hand the most of the allegations against Tiger Temple, have not been proven and certainly not the main one (which is that the tigers are drugged). Tiger Temple needs to be investigated thoroughly before any action is taken against them.
    Rhino poaching is sadly another serious problem to the worlds rhino population. As a result of rhino poaching the Black Rhino is 'Critically Endangered'. They are killed for their horns which is wrongly believed to be an aphrodisiac. Once tranquilized the animal has its horn cut off by a chain saw after which it is left to die.

    It is not difficult to understand that the people committing these horrible crimes are getting away with it. It my strong belief that the governments and humanity as a whole - the people responsible for stopping these crimes are failing to do so adequately. As a result the tiger population in the wild has hit a low at 3,500, black rhino is critically endangered and the white rhino not far behind.

    Clearly something has to be done. I will soon be setting off to walk around the world in order to raise awareness and funds to help save some of our endangered animals from the brink of extinction. While I am on the road my organisation will be gathering intelligence and training volunteers.

    We require passionate volunteers to give up their time to help our causes, roles vary and we will more than likely find a role for anyone. Some roles will involve travelling and attending training sessions. All travel and training will be paid for.

    Action needs to be taken and its needs to be taken now.

    If you are interested in volunteering or donating please send me a message. I will have the website up and running some time tomorrow. There will be more information on there.

    Thank You for reading.

    Tayler Hughes