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Ocean World, Maharastra

Discussion in 'India' started by DesertRhino150, 22 Sep 2016.

  1. DesertRhino150

    DesertRhino150 Well-Known Member

    15 Jul 2010
    I could not find mention of this anywhere else, so I figured I would make a new thread for it.

    While looking up the work of David Lazenby, the designer of a refurbished exhibit at The Deep in Hull, I found mention of this project that is still in the planning phase in India.

    Among the planned exhibits in this aquarium are:
    - A 3-million litre oceanarium tank with a large shipwreck and a 45-metre long acrylic tunnel
    - A reef edge tank complete with waves breaking above the viewing area
    - A large seal enclosure
    - An outdoor African penguin exhibit
    - A mangrove display featuring mugger crocodiles
    - A Western Ghats montane forest section with an otter exhibit
    - Plus smaller exhibits for species such as shoaling fish and poison-arrow frogs.

    I look forward to seeing whether this project actually happens - if it does this could be one of the best aquariums in the world.

    Concept pictures are here: mysite
  2. Giant Panda

    Giant Panda Well-Known Member

    24 Jan 2016
    UK (mostly)