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Discussion in 'United States' started by Kevin2342, 20 May 2020.

  1. Kevin2342

    Kevin2342 Well-Known Member

    12 Apr 2020
    Rare animal conservation center animal profiles:
    Titi monkey:Bellini, Pepper, Cooper(2.1)
    Sloth:Argyle(1.0, more in small mammal house)
    Porcupine:Felix(1.0, his son Diego is off exhibit)
    Francois langur:Chester,Mei Mei,Ling(1.2)
    Blue eyed black lemur:Stewart,Bardot(1.1)
    Mongoose lemur:Clara,Toby(1.1, more in PECO primate reserve)
    Animals not sure of all names:
    -ecletus parrot
    -Golden Lion tamarin
    -pied tamarin
    -common squirrel monkey
    -Rodrigues fruit bat
    -naked mole rat
    Can someone tell me the names of the animals in my not sure list?
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  2. Kevin2342

    Kevin2342 Well-Known Member

    12 Apr 2020
    By the way here is a list of Philadelphia zoo animals please tell me if anything got changed or if I missed anything:
    Monkey Junction
    -black-headed spider monkey
    -common squirrel monkey

    Rare Animal Conservation Center
    -Rodrigues fruit bat
    -naked mole rat
    -pied tamarin
    -Hoffman’s two-toed sloth
    -geoffroy’s marmoset
    -prehensile-tailed porcupine
    -blue-eyed black lemur
    -red-capped mangabey
    -francois’ langur
    -Bolivian grey titi monkey
    -giant elephant shrew
    -ecletus parrot

    Reptile&Amphibian House
    -fire salamander
    -emperor spotted newt
    -Anderson’s salamander
    -brown newt
    -oriental fire-bellied toad
    -northern water snake
    -eastern massasauga
    -Yellow rat snake
    -timber rattlesnake
    -flat-tailed spider tortoise
    -standing’s day gecko
    -Madagascan tree boa
    -west African gaboon viper
    -Madagascar ground boa
    -green-and-black poison dart frog
    -Haitian anole
    -Haitian galliwasp
    -Solomon island tree boa
    -splendid tree frog
    -green tree python
    -king cobra
    -mertens water monitor
    -dwarf caiman
    -Florida common snapping turtle
    -prehensile-tailed skink
    -trancavore tortoise
    -chinese crocodile lizard
    -Chinese three-striped box turtle
    -banded rock rattlesnake
    -pancake tortoise
    -spiny-tailed lizard
    -western banded gecko
    -western diamondback rattlesnake
    -Gila monster
    -African bullfrog
    -panamint rattlesnake
    -shingleback skink
    -hosmer’s skink
    -sidewinder rattlesnake
    -beaded lizard
    -desert tortoise
    -west African crocodile
    -reticulated python
    -green anaconda
    -west African dwarf crocodile
    -Aldabra giant tortoise
    -galapagos’ giant tortoise
    -pig-nosed turtle(off exhibit)
    -mata mata(off exhibit)
    -black tree monitor(off exhibit)
    -Weber’s crested lizard(off exhibit)
    There are more off exhibit but I don’t know them all.

    Big Cat Falls
    -African lion
    -Amur leopard
    -snow leopard
    -Amur Tiger

    PECO Primate Reserve
    -ring-tailed lemur
    -mongoose lemur
    -western lowland gorilla
    -Sumatran orangutan
    -white-handed gibbon
    -black-and-white ruffed lemur
    -madagascar giant jumping rat
    -black-necked swan
    -coqurel’s sifaka

    -mini horse
    -Yellow tang
    -domestic rat
    -hippo tang
    -guinea pig

    Bear Country
    -sloth bear
    -Andean bear

    African Plains
    -Mhorr gazelle
    -white stork
    -red river hog
    -saddle-billed stork
    -southern white rhinoceros
    -plains zebra

    Water is Life
    -giant river otter
    -red panda

    Raptor Ridge
    -bald eagle
    -barn owl

    Cheetah Run
    -maned wolf

    McNeil Avian Center
    -victoria crowned pigeon
    -great blue turaco
    -great Argus
    -spotted whistling duck
    -taveta golden weaver
    -white-vented bulbul
    -golden-breasted starling
    -vulture was guineafowl
    -hottentot teal
    -Guam kingfisher
    -Guam rail
    -white-rumped shama
    -Mariana fruit-dove
    -Bali mynah
    -Luzon bleeding-heart dove
    -Oriental white-eye
    -Sengal parrot
    -crimson-rumped toucanet
    -violaceous turaco
    -Inca tern
    -cattle egret
    -northern oriole
    -blue-grey tanager
    -silver teal
    -white-bellied wood duck

    Penguin Point
    -humboldt penguin
    -flying steamer duck

    Small Mammal House
    -Hoffman’s two-toed sloth
    -African Pygmy hedgehog
    -lesser Madagascar hedgehog tenrec
    -zebra mouse
    -vampire bat
    -Pygmy loris(off-exhibit)
    -bushy-tailed jird
    -damaraland mole-rat

    Bird Valley
    -swan goose
    -emperor goose
    -Sebastopol goose
    -Caribbean flamingo
    -southern screamer
    -Galapagos tortoise(summer)
    -trumpeter swan
    -blue-and-gold macaw
    -wattled crane

    Outback Outpost
    -red kangaroo

    Wings of Asia
    -golden pheasant
    -Chinese hwamei
    -spotted whistling duck
    -Termick’s tragopan
    -cabon tragopan

    Along the way
    -Royal palm turkey
    -black-and-white colobus monkey
    -turkey vulture
    -crested caracara
    -southern ground hornbill
  3. TinoPup

    TinoPup Well-Known Member

    17 Jul 2016
    Missing a bunch for the kids zoo.
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  4. Kevin2342

    Kevin2342 Well-Known Member

    12 Apr 2020
    Okay and what animals are in the kids zoo beside ones I mentioned? Also I forgot golden lion tamarin in Rare Animal Conservation Center and PECO Primate Reserve.
  5. TinoPup

    TinoPup Well-Known Member

    17 Jul 2016
    I don't recall off the top of my head, but I think I posted photos of them all in media
  6. Kevin2342

    Kevin2342 Well-Known Member

    12 Apr 2020
    I just found that someone named Tony Rocca on Facebook said that Freya the Canada lynx is there in the carnivore kingdom habitat when I asked him if the zoo still keeps Canada lynx. Canada lynx has been removed from the zoo website. I think he meant water is life by carnivore kingdom. Anyway, if the zoo still keeps Canada lynx I forgot to put it on the animal list under Water is Life. So by looking on Facebook I think the zoo still keeps the species but it’s not mentioned on the webpage so I’m not sure what’s wrong. Anyone on here know anything different in regards if the zoo still keeps the species?
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  7. TinoPup

    TinoPup Well-Known Member

    17 Jul 2016
    Can you not ask this person?
  8. Kevin2342

    Kevin2342 Well-Known Member

    12 Apr 2020
    It seems like Philly has so many old animals, some are among the oldest of their kind. I have posted about this before, but not a specific article about certain ones like what the Oregon Zoo had many years ago.

    1. Two-toed sloth “Argyle”
    Age 47- average lifespan- 35 years
    Argyle is one of the oldest sloths in the world. His estimated age is 47 as of July 2021 but have may even be older. He was born in the wild so we don’t know. A long time ago he had eye issues and unfortunately, one of his eyes had to be removed. His other eye still has cataracts. His longtime mate, Charlotte, unfortunately passed away in 2019 at 38 years old. He’s doing okay these days since the surgery but he can’t move too well and always can only move in the same circles around his exhibit.

    2. Blue-eyed black lemurs “Stewart” and “Bardot”
    Age 31 and 29- average lifespan- 20-25 years
    Stewart and Bardot are the oldest pair of blue-eyed lemurs in the world. Stewart has developed some kidney issues a few years ago but they are being managed. Bardot, the female, is doing just fine. Their longevity has been managed to the great care of the zoo team, including keepers and veterinarians for over 20 years.

    3. Red river hogs “Charlotte” and “Ruby”
    Age 19- average lifespan- 15-20 years
    Charlotte and Ruby are the third oldest red river hogs in the U.S. They are full sisters and have been together the day they were born. Their longtime male companion, Hamilton, unfortunately passed away recently at 13 years old. These hogs live with a Mhorr gazelle, a saddle-billed stork and white storks.

    4.Mhorr gazelle “Moira Abby”
    Age 13- average lifespan- 10-12 years
    Moira Abby is the last of the antelope/gazelle species in the zoo. About 16 years ago there were multiple herds of antelopes roaming the spacious exhibit called “The Phase”. Moira is the last surviving member of her herd. She’s also the last surviving individual in the entire AZA population. Her mother and sister passed on years ago leaving her alone now. Thankfully she still has other animals to socialize with.

    5. Amur leopard “Emma”
    Age 19- average lifespan- 10-15 years
    At 19 years old, Emma has far exceeded the lifespan of a leopard. Despite her age, she is still quite healthy. Her mate Kavan moved to another zoo years ago. As she has gotten older I haven’t seen her every time, because she now is more shy than she used to be and likes to hide more which is normal for older animals.

    6.Angora goat “Milan”
    Age 15- average lifespan- 10 years
    Milan is currently the oldest goat at the zoo at 15 years old. She has a skin condition called dandruff. She is now semi-retired in the fact that she dosen’t come out as much as she used to. She still lives in the contact yard, but dosen’t like to be pet anymore and usually stays away from people. The last several visits I have seen her in a stall away from guest contact with a few other goats.

    7.Red-capped mangabey “Storm”
    Age 26- average lifespan- 18 years
    Storm has been a longtime zoo inhabitant. Since arriving in 1999, he has been living here ever since. He used to live with Lucy, a female who died in 2004. Despite his age, Storm is still a big fan of the Zoo360 Treetop Trail. He was one of the earliest explorers of that trail when it opened in 2011, when he was already 16 years old. Since then he has been very popular with keepers, staff and regular zoo guests.

    Other elderly animals include Edward, a 12-year old Madagascar giant jumping rat, two green anacondas, ages 42 and 30, two black tree monitors, a 25-year old Saki monkey, two spider monkeys, ages 29 and 24, and many more.
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  9. Kevin2342

    Kevin2342 Well-Known Member

    12 Apr 2020
    Philadelphia Zoo Births, Deaths and Transfers(2018-2021)
    I know someone posted an article on the Toronto Zoo about the changes if it’s animals, so I will do the same here. All of these happened in the last couple years(2018-2021)

    1 Sloth
    1 Gibbon-Ophelia
    2 Mongoose lemur-Zoe and unnamed baby
    1 Bird of Paradise
    2 Francois langur-Quy Bao and Lei
    4 Penguins-Juice, Realmuto, Harper and Nola
    5 black and white ruffed lemur-Bob, Lucas, Connor, Mikey and Olivia
    Several goats
    6 Sebastopol geese
    2 flamingos-Flaca and unnamed baby
    1 Sloth Bear-Keematee

    1 Coati-Spiderman
    1 Canada lynx-Freya
    1 Miniature horse-Flash
    1 goat-Polly
    1 African bullfrog
    1 Crimson-rumpled toucanet
    2 Red-whiskered bulbuls
    1 Luzon bleeding heart-dove
    1 Azure-winged magpie
    4 Chinese hwameis
    2 Squirrel monkeys-Coco and Meg
    1 Emerald tree boa
    1 Western banded gecko
    1 Forest cobra
    1 American alligator-Blackie
    1 Red diamond rattlesnake
    1 Milksnake
    1 Beaded lizard
    2 Red river hogs-Hamilton and Ruby
    1 Wolf-Rio
    1 Sloth-Charlotte
    3 Pygmy marmosets-Bo, Pasta and Cali
    1 Saki monkey-Mona
    1 Stork-Grace
    1 Turaco
    1 Douc langur-Toi
    1 Polar bear-Coldilocks
    1 Andean bear-Rosie
    1 Kangaroo-Dan
    There will be another article about transfers.
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  10. Kevin2342

    Kevin2342 Well-Known Member

    12 Apr 2020
    On the deaths list, add Flaca the flamingo chick and 1 Yellow Rat Snake.
    1 Leopard-Kavan
    1 Brown spider monkey-Desi to Europe(perhaps New England Primate Center?)
    2 Rhinoceros hornbills-Bob and Nancy to Atlanta
    2 Pygmy marmosets-Beni to Texas(not sure which zoo), Java
    1 Aardvark-Sunshine to Memphis
    1 Orangutan-Batu to Washington(probably Woodland Park Zoo)
    3 Eyelash vipers
    1 East African gaboon viper
    1 Chinese alligator-Rocky to Florida
    1 giant tortoise-Bubba to California
    4 Lions-Kataba, Mali, Msinga and Sabi
    4 Black and white ruffed Lemurs-Maddie to Duke Lemur Center, Lincoln, Teddy and Quincy
    1 Squirrel monkey-Andrew
    1 Porcupine-Ginsu
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  11. Kevin2342

    Kevin2342 Well-Known Member

    12 Apr 2020
    Added on to the transfers list:
    1 condor-Princess to Beardsley
    1 Tiger-Grom to Sedgwick County
    Deaths list:
    3 Penguins-Pinto, Winkie and Little Bird Junior(LBJ)
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  12. Kevin2342

    Kevin2342 Well-Known Member

    12 Apr 2020
    Fun fact: As mentioned in the previous article, Philly’s Argyle the sloth is one of the oldest in the world. I have only ever heard of 4 sloths older than him in the entire world. Top 8 oldest sloths
    1. Jan
    Birthdate: 30 April 1970
    Where: Krefeld Zoo, Germany
    Sex: Male
    Age: 51
    Still alive: Yes

    2. Paula
    Birthdate: June 1969
    Where: Halle Zoo, Germany
    Sex: Female
    Age: 51
    Died: 6 August 2020
    Cause of death: short illness
    Still alive: No

    3. (Sorry, don’t know her name)
    Where: Smithsonian’s National Zoo, Washington D.C., U.S.A.
    Sex: Female
    Age(at death): 49
    Still alive: No

    4. Lulu
    Birthdate: 1973(estimated)
    Where: Krefeld Zoo, Germany
    Sex: Female
    Age: 48
    Still alive: Yes

    5. Argyle
    Birthday: July 1974(estimated)
    Where: Philadelphia Zoo, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
    Sex: Male
    Age: 47
    Still alive: Yes

    6. Succotash
    Birthdate: 1975(estimated)
    Where: Houston Zoo, Texas, U.S.A.
    Sex: Female
    Age: 46
    Still alive: Yes

    7. Ms.Chips
    Birthdate: 1972
    Where: Smithsonian’s National Zoo, Washington D.C., U.S.A.
    Sex: Female
    Age: 45
    Died: 2 January 2018
    Cause of death: died in sleep
    Still alive: No

    8. Miss C
    Birthdate: 1974
    Where: Adelaide Zoo, Australia
    Sex: Female
    Age: 43
    Died: 2 June 2017
    Cause of death: age-related health issues
    Still alive: No
  13. Kevin2342

    Kevin2342 Well-Known Member

    12 Apr 2020
    Someone asked for a complete list on the Philadelphia Zoo animals, and I will post lists on this thread.
    Philadelphia Zoo Reptiles and Amphibians(species on exhibit):
    Northern watersnake
    Eastern massasauga
    Timber rattlesnake
    Fire salamander
    One-toed amphiuma
    Emperor spotted newt
    Brown newt
    Oriental fire-bellied toad
    Standing’s day gecko
    Flat-tailed spider tortoise
    Madagascar tree boa
    Madagascar ground boa
    West African gaboon viper
    Golfodulcean poison frog
    Green and black poison dart frog
    Solomon Island tree boa
    Splendid tree frog
    Green tree python
    King cobra
    Weber’s sailfin lizard
    Mertens’ water monitor
    Chinese crocodile lizard
    Mata mata
    Dwarf caiman
    Florida common snapping turtle
    Chinese three-striped box turtle
    Black tree monitor
    Travancore tortoise
    Prehensile-tailed skink
    Banded rock rattlesnake
    Pancake tortoise
    Western diamondback rattlesnake
    Gila monster
    Panamint rattlesnake
    Shingleback skink
    Hosmer’s skink
    Sidewinder rattlesnake
    West African(desert) crocodile
    Desert tortoise
    Green anaconda
    Reticulated python
    West African dwarf crocodile
    Aldabra giant tortoise
    Galapagos’ giant tortoise
    Mexican beaded lizard?
    Rio Fuerte beaded lizard? The zoo has two beaded lizards on exhibit, but I can’t tell the species.

    Some of the specific reptiles(not all)
    Green anaconda
    Angus: Male, born November 25, 1978 at the Bronx Zoo. Arrived at Philadelphia Zoo 1998.
    Amanda: Female, wild born, estimated 1991. Arrived at Philadelphia Zoo 1998.
    King cobra
    Female, wild hatched in Indonesia, arrived at Philadelphia Zoo in May, 2003.
    Timber rattlesnake
    Male, hatched 1997 at Seneca Park Zoo. He has a black coloration known as the ‘’black phase’’ of the timber rattlesnake.
    Male, arrived at Philadelphia Zoo 2011. He was someone’s pet and we do not know his hatch date. He has a tan coloration(known as the yellow phase)with some black and brown patterns on him.
    West African crocodile
    Luna: Female, wild hatched in Africa. Arrived at Philadelphia Zoo in 2003.
    Male, born 2009. He lives on-exhibit next to the timber rattlesnakes.

    The zoo also has three female cottonmouths off-exhibit. All four snakes are a subspecies called Florida Cottonmouth.
    Florida Common Snapping Turtle
    Tyler: Male, arrived at the Philadelphia Zoo in 2018. He lives in the Aquatic Wing where the alligator snapping turtle lived for so many years.
    Dwarf Caiman
    Male, hatch date 1988. He currently lives behind-the-scenes.
    3 of underdetermined sex, all living in the Aquatic Wing of the Reptile House.
    Weber’s Sailfin Lizard
    The zoo has two sailfin lizards, one male and one female, who arrived together in 2016. The live on the left side of the King Cobra temple where the forest cobra used to live.
    Gila Monster
    The zoo has six Gila monsters in its collection. One is on exhibit with the Western diamondback rattlesnake, the other five live off-exhibit.
    More lists coming up soon.