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Robin Hill Zoological park (IOW) Do you remember?

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by garyjp, 2 Oct 2014.

  1. garyjp

    garyjp Well-Known Member

    30 Sep 2014
    Although Robin Hill is still running as a theme/country park there used to be animals there until the late 1980's .
    As I remember the enclosures were very much of their time but I do remember they had several species.
    Servals,Eagle owls,Racoons,coati mundi,raven,dingoes,coyotes,ostrich,wallabies ,olive & hamadrayas baboons,squirrel monkeys,rhesus,crab eating and pig tailed macaques. There were also a reptile house and various domestic animals.
    Does anybody else remember what animals were on view and what happened to them when it closed?