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Shima Marine World closing down

Discussion in 'Japan' started by PossumRoach, 20 Mar 2021.

  1. PossumRoach

    PossumRoach Well-Known Member 5+ year member

    23 Feb 2018
    I just found out that this facility will be permanently shutting down after March 31st. Reasons for closure include financial difficulties and a deteriorating building (which would add up to the financial difficulty if there was an attempt at fixing it). This aquarium has been up for 51 years and on the pdf document showing their announcement, they are showing gratitude for their visitors. Also on the pdf there's a chart showing the visitor numbers of 2016 and after which could also explain the downfall of this collection.

    This collection is recognizable for its large tank with multiple sunfishes (sun fish are the mascot of the facility). They also have Humboldt's penguins, native freshwater fish (such as Stumpy bullhead, Metropolitan bitterling, and the endangered kissing loach according to the website and pamphlet), a ring shaped tank with around 50 species including sharks and yellowtail, a coral reef exhibit, a collection of fossils and living fossils, a mudflat exhibit, along with other things that could be found in an aquarium such as a touch tank, jellyfishes. There are no mammals in this facility. Shima Marineland already found aquariums willing to take the animals once the aquarium closes down.

    Here's a twitter link of the aquarium that shows the residents of the aquarium.