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Discussion in 'Animal Photography' started by papycapy, 25 May 2015.


Have you seen a wild snake come to you for food

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  1. What species ?

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  2. How many times same snake?

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  3. What were you doing, when snake approached ?

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  1. papycapy

    papycapy New Member

    20 Nov 2013
    Blum,Texas USA
    I have a 1/4 acre pond in my backyard. There are 4 Diamondback water snakes about 4 ft. long that live in the pond. I would throw a dead perch in front of one when it swam by. They got to coming up to my fishing platform when they saw me coming to fish and waiting for a perch. This want on for several weeks. One day I was sitting in a chair and a water snake crawled on to my platform and came up between my legs and took the fish from my hand. That startled me that one would come so close. Now a week later I ask my son John to hold a dead perch and see how close a water snake would come to him. One came up onto platform and gently took the fish from him. The picture shows it. Now I can hardly fish because the water snakes see me coming and want a handout.

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