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Thoughts on Animal Adoption - for Design Project Reinventing Adoption Scenario

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by cmbrown, 14 Nov 2011.

  1. cmbrown

    cmbrown New Member

    14 Nov 2011
    I'm a Product Design Student working on a University Project to design a series of products that present live updates about adopted animals to the user. Research on this topic will allow me to add value to this scenario, transform peoples' expectancies of animal adoption, and engage them more in zoological and conservation projects.

    I want to understand peoples' views of the current adoption schemes...

    What are the thoughts about current adoption services - offering newsletters, stickers, cuddly toys etc. in exchange for your financial support?

    When and why might you take up an adoption process? What would encourage you to take part in this?

    What kind of information and correspondence about your animal would you expect from the organisation providing the adoption?

    What information can organisations provide daily to prove they are working productively to conserve your animal?

    What specific information would you want to be given, in order to enrich your relationship with that animal? e.g. your animal is eating, sleeping/awake etc.

    Where in your daily life would you like to receive information about an animal you've adopted? e.g. in your daily routine - while eating, leaving or arriving at the house etc.

    I hope this is enough to start a discussion for the time being, and that more questions can be fed in as we go, your help is greatly appreciated!