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Top 10 asian zoo

Discussion in 'Asia - General' started by aardvark250, 27 Jun 2016.

  1. aardvark250

    aardvark250 Well-Known Member

    4 Jan 2016
    OK,asian zoo is bad by some people,but except singapore,there is still some good zoo in asia.This is my top 10 list of asian zoo.(I will exclude singapore because everybody know it is good.)

    10.Beijing Zoo.Species is good, but exhibits standard is low.

    9.Ueno Zoo.I must put it on board because there are so many special animals!Aardvarks,shoebills,okapis,aye-ayes,echidna........Although the enclosure is bad,it is worth a visit(I will visit it in August)

    8.Shanghai Zoo.Some special species,but the primate section is bad.

    7.Seoul Zoo.I haven't been there,but I watch video about it.The zoo is very big and provide very large space for the animals.

    6.Taman safaris.As I heard and see(photos and videos),this zoo(s) looks good and have lots of animals.The enclosure also looks good.

    5.Zoorasia.This japanese zoo have both douc langurs and proboscis monkey,but I think the number of species is a bit low(around 100)

    4. Khao Kheow Open Zoo.This zoo is great,it is very big,and the enclosure is natural.

    3.Chimelong safari park.This zoo is my home zoo,and I visit it so many times(one of the reasons I put it so top).The enclosure is natural and big,
    the breeding result is good(panda triplets) and it is big that one day is barely enough.

    2.Taipei zoo_One of the two zoo in this list I have visit,this zoo is very good.This zoo is the biggest of asia(according to google),one day is barely enough,enclosure is nice and natural,and lots of special species such as pangolin ,and the insect house is good too.

    1.Tama zoo.It is hard to decide top 2,but tama win.A special mole house(see CGSwan review,the house is full of tunnels,he said),a big collection of invertebrates and a large insect house,king cheetah and Tassie devils.The other part of the zoo is very good too.

    This is my top 10 list of asian zoo.Although I haven't been to most zoo(2 now,four/five in august),I really like to go to.