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Toronto Zoo Toronto elephants history article

Discussion in 'Canada' started by elephas_maximus, 19 Jul 2011.

  1. elephas_maximus

    elephas_maximus Member

    20 Jun 2010
    Found this article with some interesting stories of the Toronto Zoo's herd. There are mentions of when Tantor beat up Patsy, Iringa's attack and info on births.

    There are some vintage photos and some video of the herd from way back when they were all still young. (The elephants appear starting at 7:52.)

    Article can be found here:
    Historicist: Elephant Escapades - Torontoist

    Identities of elephants from the video clip:
    Bull Tantor

    Cows: Patsy(left) Toka (right)

    Three in front: Patsy, Toka, Tantor
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