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Urimbirra Wildlife Park Urimbirra News

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Sunbear12, 23 Nov 2018.

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    14 Feb 2012
    Urimbirra is a wildlife park located down near Victor Harbor in South Australia. While not covered much on zoochat I thought I would provide an overview of a range of new developments which have occurred over the past year.

    For those interested a review of the park by hix is here - Urimbirra Wildlife Park - Urimbirra - a review. Most of the exhibits are still in use which hix described here except the eagle is no longer there.

    - The shed discussed in the review is finally completed in the end it has become half an aviary. This is home to a range of parrots and some koalas. An exhibit off to the side houses some kookaburras. The other half has become an open air reptile exhibit with the former reptile house having been closed and the back section of the park fenced off. On display in this section are the saltwater and freshwater crocodiles with a total of 3 yards. In between these and the aviary a small path walks past 8 exhibits for snakes and 4 tanks for a range of lizards including lace monitor. At the front of this area is also another open topped yard with lace monitors.

    - The other major development is 3 new aviaries built in part of the emu yard. These are for tawny frogmouth and barn owl along with a small parrot species I can't quite remember. A boardwalk runs between these exhibits and two new yards. One yard has a large pond and is home to water dragons and turtles the other houses a range of lizards.

    - At the front of the park a new aviary is being constructed to house a range of parrots currently held off display on a rotating basis.
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