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Various ZOO memorabilia

Discussion in 'Zoo Memorabilia' started by Roman27cz, 14 Jan 2012.

  1. Roman27cz

    Roman27cz Member

    14 Oct 2010
    Rybniste, Czech republic
    if anybody want to swop zoo memorabilia: this page - there you can find thousands of zoo materials of all kinds. Really very various things are there - from common things like postcards or guidebook, leaflets etc. through pins, buttons, posters, coins, calendars etc. to many unorthodox things. Everything both new and old - from all over the world but especially from Czech r., Slovakia and countries of former Soviet Union.

    10 pages of materials:
    page 1: caps, glasses, teaspoons, pennants, bags, CD, DVD, keychains etc.
    page 2: stickers, decals, sew on / iron on labels, lids from coffee cream, match labels
    page 3: New Year's greetings, bookmarks, jigsaw puzzle, pexeso (concentration)
    page 4: postcards, folding picture-books
    page 5: calendars, pocket (card) calendars, various cards
    page 6: books, brochures, guidebooks, flyers, annual reports, magazines, newspapers
    page 7: coins, medals, plaques, pins, buttons
    page 8: magnets
    page 9: beer coasters, tourist stamps
    page 10: paper folders, posters
    it can be changed

    Everything with thumbnails and also large size pictures...