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Watch the live webcams of our Hornbills nesting in action!

Discussion in 'Websites about Zoos & Animal Conservation' started by jurongbirdpark, 11 Mar 2010.

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    31 Aug 2009
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    150 years ago, the Oriental Pied Hornbills were common natives of Singapore. Unfortunately, due to rapid urbanization, the population of these Hornbills declined drastically.


    Since 2004, we have been successfully involved in the breeding, conservation and in-house webcam observation of the Oriental Pied Hornbills. This year, we have taken another significant step to equip 24/7 live webcams to observe the nesting behaviours of 4 different Hornbill species:

    * Great Pied Hornbill
    * Black Hornbill
    * Oriental Pied Hornbill
    * Tarictic Hornbill

    Click here to watch the Hornbills nesting in action!

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