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Whale Sharks in Kagoshima Aquarium

Discussion in 'Japan' started by Bagger Jan, 5 Mar 2019.

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    11 Dec 2018
    A short review
    In March 2016 I have had the opportunity to visit the Kagoshima Aquarium. The aquarium was opened on May 30,1997 and is very close to the Sakurajima Ferry Port. From here the ferries to the Sakurajima volcano island leave at regular intervals.

    From the Entrance Hall in 1 Floor, an escalator leads to the second floor and here you are in front of the highlight of the aquarium: The Kuroshio Current. This large pool is by no means near the size of the big tanks in the Churaumi Aquarium or the Kaiyukan Aquarium in Osaka. But the livestock is impressive: Whale Shark, Cow Stingray, Pitted Stingray, Giant Guitarfish, Skipjack Tuna and Bluefin Tuna.

    The Kagoshima Aquarium received the first whale shark on Nov. 20, 2000. The animal was caught on October 20, 2000, near the city of Kimotsuki in Pref. Kagoshima. Since a whale shark can only be accommodated up to a certain size in the Kuroshio Tank, it was reintroduced in the wild on August 01, 2002 with a size of now 5 m. In the next few years, the aquarium acquired another
    8 Whale Sharks (2002, 2005, 2009, 2011, 2015, 2018). All Whale Sharks, by the way all called "Yu Yu", will be released when they reach a maximum height of 5.50 m.
    In the following smaller aquariums live et al Reef Stonefish, Spotted Garden Eel, Erabu Sea Snakes, Giant Moray, Zebra Sharks and Whitetip Reef Sharks.

    The escalator then leads up to the 4 Floor, from where there is a magnificent view of the Sakurajima volcano. After a skeleton of a tropical bottlenose whale, the trail leads past numerous smaller aquariums. Here live et al Tube Worms, Octopus tennuicirrus, Moon Wrasse, Kidako Moray, Slender Giant Moray, Spot-tail Sharks, Dragonfish, Halibut, Flounder and Japanese Spider Crab.

    Past the 3rd floor with the in Japan usual Jelly Fish Gallery to the 1st Floor. After a sea otter, who came to the Aquarium on the first of October 1998 died on May 27, 2013, Largha Seals now live in a small basin. Somewhat secluded is a touch pool, the usual souvenir shop and in an annex the Dolphin Hall with the usual dolphin show.

    Bottlenose Dolphins have been born here several times already. At certain times, the Bottlenose Dolphins are given the opportunity to swim out of their pool in the building. For this, the animals have access to a 275 m section, the Dolphin Waterway, in front of the aquarium.

    A good overview of Dolphin Waterway with interesting photos can be found in Google Maps:
    Google Maps

    Further information with a good floor map:

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    detailed information about the philosophy and the attitude of Whale Sharks in the Kagoshima Aquarium