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Your 5 favourite zoo trees

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by Nikola Chavkosk, 13 Jul 2016.

  1. Nikola Chavkosk

    Nikola Chavkosk Well-Known Member

    17 Feb 2016
    Prilep, R. Macedonia
    In an attemt to learn more about common trees planted in enclosures of zoo animals in zoos World-Wide, or planted outside enclosures throughout the zoo, I created this thread.

    I will choose mine 5 favourite zoo trees. It's best for such trees to be non-toxic, to be used as browse for browse-eating animals, and to be attractive and provide good climbing opportunities and shelter for protection from sun. Here would be mine:

    Arbutus andrachne (human skin-colour of it's stem, branches), evergreen
    Ficus elastica
    Wild olive tree
    Tilia spp. trees
    Willow tree (particularily high amount of leaves, as like food for giraffes - or particularly for black rhino).

    (Eucalyptus (several species) mandatory for Koalas :) )
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