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Discussion in 'United States' started by GraysonDP, 21 Dec 2016.

  1. GraysonDP

    GraysonDP Well-Known Member

    24 May 2015
    Washington DC
    I'm really interested in zoo design and lately have been trying to study prominent characteristics and motiffs among prominent zoo design companies. I've been compiling a list of the exhibits different companies have designed and have posted what I've found so far on here. If anyone knows which companies designed exhibits not on here please add them to this thread.


    1. Giants of the Savanna- Dallas Zoo

    2. Predator Ridge- Denver Zoo

    3. Arctic Encounter- Toledo Zoo

    4. Northern Trail- Woodland Park Zoo

    5. Asian Forest Sanctuary- Point Defiance Zoo

    6. Predator Ridge- Denver Zoo

    7. Range of the Jaguar- Jacksonville Zoo

    8. Tundra Trek- Toronto Zoo

    9. Watani Grasslands- North Carolina Zoo

    10. African Savanna- San Francisco Zoo

    11. Birdhouse at Riverbanks- Riverbanks Zoo

    12. Elephant Encounter- Hogle Zoo

    13. North America- North Carolina Zoo

    14. Gorilla Forest- Louisville Zoo

    15. Museum of Living Art- Fort Worth Zoo

    16. African Elephant Crossing- Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

    17. Snow Monkeys- Great Plains Zoo

    18. Elephant Lands- Oregon Zoo

    19. African Grassland- Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo

    20. Polar Bear Odyssey- Como Park Zoo

    21. Rocky Shores- Hogle Zoo

    22. Giant Panda Habitat- Toronto Zoo

    23. Toyota Elephant Passage- Denver Zoo

    24. African Savanna- Hogle Zoo

    25. Trails of Africa- Birmingham Zoo

    26. PECO Primate Reserve- Philadelphia Zoo

    27. Regenstein Small Mammal-Reptile House- Lincoln Park Zoo

    28. Habitat Africa- Brookfield Zoo

    29. Aviary- Toledo Zoo

    30. African Rift Valley- Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

    31. Destination Riverbanks- Riverbanks Zoo

    32. Islands- Louisville Zoo

    33. Great Escape- Oklahoma City Zoo

    34. Ndoki Forest- Riverbanks Zoo

    35. Primate Panorama- Denver Zoo

    36. Aquarium Reptile Complex- Riverbanks Zoo

    37. Cat Forest- Oklahoma City Zoo

    38. Big Cats- Oklahoma City Zoo

    39. Leopards/Hyenas- Living Desert

    40. Rocky Coast- Seneca Park Zoo

    41. Wolf Woods- Brookfield Zoo

    42. Asian Forest- Zoo Atlanta

    43. Masai Mara- Zoo Atlanta

    44. Ford African Rainforest- Zoo Atlanta

    45. Fabrics of Africa- Roger Williams Park Zoo

    46. Lion- Audubon Zoo*

    47. Penguin Coast- Maryland Zoo

    48. Gorilla Forest- Como Park Zoo

    49. Spotted Hyena- Buffalo Zoo

    50. Great Apes- Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

    51. Great Apes- Henry Vilas Zoo

    52. Big Cats- Henry Vilas Zoo

    53. Carnivore Kingdom- Philadelphia Zoo

    54. Big Cat Falls- Philadelphia Zoo

    55. Africa- Toledo Zoo

    56. Great Apes of Harambee- Detroit Zoo

    57. Red Ape Rainforest- Los Angeles Zoo

    58. Chimpanzees of Mahale Mountain- Los Angeles Zoo

    59. Monkeys of Makoku- Zoo Atlanta

    60. Zoo Center- Bronx Zoo

    WDM Architects

    1. Rosebrough Tiger Passage- Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

    2. Isle of the Tiger- Phoenix Zoo

    3. Oklahoma Trails- Oklahoma City Zoo

    4. Grizzly Ridge- Akron Zoo

    5. Arctic Passage- Henry Vilas Zoo

    6. Tiger Trek- Sedgwick County Zoo

    7. Pride of the Plains- Sedgwick County Zoo

    8. People of the Forest- Phoenix Zoo

    9. Brazos River Country- Cameron Park Zoo

    10. Land of the Dragons- Phoenix Zoo

    11. Downing Gorilla Forest- Sedgwick County Zoo

    12. Penguin Cove- Sedgwick County Zoo

    13. Asian Forest- Cameron Park Zoo

    GLMV Architecture

    1. Elephants of the Zambezi Valley- Sedgwick County Zoo

    2. Lion/Giraffe- Chattanooga Zoo*

    Jones and Jones

    1. Hippoquarium- Toledo Zoo

    2. Gorilla Exhibit- Woodland Park Zoo

    3. African Plains- Woodland Park Zoo

    4. African Savanna- Pittsburgh Zoo

    5. African Savanna- Toledo Zoo

    6. Penguinarium- Oregon Zoo

    7. Open Range Exhibit- Northwest Trek

    8. Wolf/Bear Exhibits- Northwest Trek

    9. Asian Forest- Pittsburgh Zoo

    10. Cascade Stream- Oregon Zoo

    11. Great Apes- Hogle Zoo

    12. African Kopje- San Diego Zoo

    13. Tiger River- San Diego Zoo

    14. Sun Bear Forest- San Diego Zoo

    15. Amazon and Beyond- Zoo Miami

    16. River’s Edge- Saint Louis Zoo

    17. Kaziranga Forest Trail- Dublin Zoo

    18. Gorilla- Dublin Zoo

    19. Sea Lion Cove- Dublin Zoo

    20. Arctic Ring of Life- Detroit Zoo

    21. Polk Penguin Center- Detroit Zoo

    22. Desert- Trail- Arizona Desert Museum

    23. Amphibville- Detroit Zoo

    24. Campo Gorilla Reserve- Los Angeles Zoo

    25. Myombe Reserve- Busch Gardens

    26. Condor Ridge- San Diego Safari Park

    27. Orangutan Forest- Dublin Zoo

    28. Elephant Forest- Woodland Park Zoo

    Studio Hanson Roberts

    1. Penguins of the Coastal Desert- Woodland Park Zoo

    2. Banyan Wilds- Woodland Park Zoo

    3. Wallaroo Station- Lowry Park Zoo

    4. Watershed Heroes- Sequoia Park Zoo

    5. Land of the Lemurs- Calgary Zoo


    1. Glacier Run- Louisville Zoo

    2. Lost Kingdom- Tulsa Zoo

    3. Heart of Africa- Columbus Zoo

    4. Sea Lion Sound- Saint Louis Zoo

    5. Elephant Encounter- Louisville Zoo

    6. Great Bear Wilderness- Brookfield Zoo

    7. Cheetah Hunt- Busch Gardens

    8. Edge of Africa- Busch Gardens

    9. Polar Bear Passage- Kansas City Zoo

    10. Rhino Rally- Busch Gardens

    11. Polar Bear Point- Saint Louis Zoo

    12. Fragile Forest- Saint Louis Zoo

    13. Penguin and Puffin Coast- Saint Louis Zoo


    1. Madagascar- Bronx Zoo

    2. Tiger Mountain- Bronx Zoo

    3. Congo Gorilla Forest- Bronx Zoo

    4. Baboon Reserve- Bronx Zoo


    1. Russia’s Grizzly Coast- Minnesota Zoo

    2. Journey to Churchill- Assiniboine Park Zoo

    3. Hamill Family Wild Encounters- Brookfield Zoo

    4. Encounter Africa- Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

    5. Rocky Mountain Wild- Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

    6. Jungala- Busch Gardens

    7. African Adventure- Fresno Chaffee Zoo

    8. Sea lion Cove- Fresno Chaffee Zoo

    9. Asian Highlands- Hogle Zoo

    10. Keiki Zoo- Honolulu Zoo

    11. Renovation- Happy Hollow Zoo

    12. Gorillas of the Africa- Houston Zoo

    13. Penguin Plaza- Kansas City Zoo

    14. Wombat/Insectarium- Houston Zoo

    15. Orangutan Canopy- Kansas City Zoo

    16. Regenstein African Journey- Lincoln Park Zoo

    17. Regenstein Macaque Forest- Lincoln Park Zoo

    18. Elephants of Asia- Los Angeles Zoo

    19. Langur Exhibit- Los Angeles Zoo

    20. LAIR- Los Angeles Zoo

    21. Wings of Asia- Zoo Miami

    22. Penguins- Minnesota Zoo

    23. McNeil Avian Center- Philadelphia Zoo

    24. American Trail- National Zoo

    25. Experience Migration- National Zoo

    26. Jaguar Cove- Woodland Park Zoo

    27. Tropical Rainforest- Woodland Park Zoo

    28. Lacerte Children’s Zoo- Dallas Zoo

    Ursa International

    1. Exxon Tiger Habitat- Dallas Zoo

    2. Rocky Coast Renovation- North Carolina Zoo

    3. Complex Carnivores- Zoo Atlanta

    4. Black Bear- Stone Zoo

    5. Sierra Madre- Stone Zoo

    6. Kitera Chimpanzee Forest- North Carolina Zoo


    1. Elephant Trails- National Zoo

    2. Rainforest Falls- Buffalo Zoo

    3. Regenstein Center for African Apes- Lincoln Park Zoo

    4. Polar Frontier- Columbus Zoo

    5. Land of the Tiger- Jacksonville Zoo

    6. Sea Lion Cove/Otter Creek- Buffalo Zoo

    7. Asia Quest- Columbus Zoo

    8. Australia- Columbus Zoo

    9. Islands- Columbus Zoo

    10. Passport to Africa- El Paso Zoo

    11. African Forest- Houston Zoo

    12. Natural Encounters- Houston Zoo

    13. Cheetah Exhibit- Indianapolis Zoo

    14. Tiger Forest- Indianapolis Zoo

    15. Rainforest of the Americas- Los Angeles Zoo

    16. Children’s Adventure Zone- Oakland Zoo

    17. Big Cat Country- Milwaukee County Zoo

    18. African Wild Dog- Woodland Park Zoo

    Torre Design

    1. Louisiana Swamp- Audubon Zoo

    2. Asian Domain- Audubon Zoo

    3. Primates- Audubon Zoo

    4. African Savanna- Audubon Zoo

    5. Reptile House- Audubon Zoo

    6. Jaguar Jungle- Audubon Zoo

    7. South America Pampas- Audubon Zoo

    8. Asian Elephant Exhibit- Busch Gardens

    9. Asian Domain- Lowry Park Zoo

    10. Primate World- Lowry Park Zoo

    11. Zambezi River Hippo Camp- Memphis Zoo

    12. Scaly Slimy Spectacular- Zoo Atlanta

    13. Asian Elephant Habitat- Oklahoma City Zoo

    14. Amazonia- Mesker Park Zoo

    15. Teton Trek- Memphis Zoo

    16. Asian Elephants- Audubon Zoo

    17. Northwest Passage- Memphis Zoo

    18. China- Memphis Zoo

    19. Cat Country- Memphis Zoo

    20. Primate Canyon- Memphis Zoo

    21. Once Upon a Farm- Memphis Zoo

    22. Okavango Delta- Virginia Zoo

    23. Trail of the Tiger- Virginia Zoo

    24. Florida- Palm Beach Zoo

    25. Tiger Falls- Palm Beach Zoo

    26. Tropics of the Americas- Palm Beach Zoo

    27. Africa- Peoria Zoo

    28. Safari Africa- Lowry Park Zoo

    29. Florida Manatee and Aquatics Center- Lowry Park Zoo

    30. Florida Boardwalk- Lowry Park Zoo

    Schibley Exhibition Design

    1. Jungle World- Bronx Zoo

    2. Wolf Wilderness- Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

    3. Australian Adventure- Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

    4. Rainforest- Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

    5. Kiboka Outpost- Erie Zoo

    6. Amazonia- National Zoo
  2. reduakari

    reduakari Well-Known Member

    17 Mar 2008
    berkeley california USA
    Schibley Exhibition Design most certainly did NOT design Jungleworld. It was--like most Bronx Zoo projects--designed in-house. It is possble that Shibley or someone who works there was involved in some aspect of the project, which is not uncommonly a way for firms and individuals to take credit for entire projects based on the slimmest of connections
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  3. GraysonDP

    GraysonDP Well-Known Member

    24 May 2015
    Washington DC
    Thank you- I was quite surprised by this myself. I only put it because it was listed on their website.
  4. GraysonDP

    GraysonDP Well-Known Member

    24 May 2015
    Washington DC
    Does anyone know who designed Lied Jungle at Omaha and Africa at Kansas City?
  5. Zooplantman

    Zooplantman Well-Known Member

    23 Jan 2008
    New York, USA
    And what are you discovering?
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  6. Zooplantman

    Zooplantman Well-Known Member

    23 Jan 2008
    New York, USA
    I expect that the credit refers to his role in the Larson Company at the time
  7. junglejim

    junglejim Well-Known Member

    24 Feb 2015
    seattle, washington, usa

    GREAT question! Yes love to know is there a theme, or is it nothing more than a cash cow industry milking the environmental theme selling conservation.