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Zoo la Garenne / Le Vaud

Discussion in 'Switzerland' started by vogelcommando, 1 Jul 2015.

  1. vogelcommando

    vogelcommando Well-Known Member

    10 Dec 2012
    fijnaart, the netherlands
    A Bearded vulture which hatched at La Garenne during 2014 was released May the same year in the Calfeisental and during the following year it roomed the Alps and because the bird was fitted with a GPS-transmitter its movements could be followed.
    June 2015 the bird called "Schils" started to fly northwards and reached the Atlantic coast of France. From here it followed the coastline further north along the Belgium and Dutch North Sea coast flying over Rotterdam and Amsterdam. A little north of Amsterdam the bird was found then not very healthy on June 14 and was brought to a bird-rehab. Because this center didn't have much experience with large birds of prey it was soon brought to another rehab-center and in the maintime contact was sought with the Swiss
    Bearded vulture release programm.
    To bring Schils back to Switzerland a lot of paperwork had to be arranged ( CITES, import and export permissions, vet-report and so on ) but luckily everything went well and on June 19 the bird was placed in a transport-box and the travel by car started. Some little problems occured but later that day Naturpark Goldau was reached. This Zoo also cooperate in the release programm and has 3 breeding-pairs Bearded vultures. Schils was checked by the vet and he found the bird could be released as soon as possible.
    The next day a team of the release-programm and a lot of local helpers and the press started to bring Schils high up in the mountains to the release-place and here already 3 other -earlier released this year - Bearded vulture were flying around to welcome back Schils :).
  2. kiang

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    12 Aug 2007