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Torun Zoobotanical Garden ZOO Toruń News & Reviews

Discussion in 'Poland' started by Neva, 14 Sep 2020.

  1. Neva

    Neva Well-Known Member

    15 Sep 2018
    Zawsze w drodze
    Well, I'd wanted to share big news for all the cat-nerds and some zoo-nerds and I noticed that this little, charming zoo doesn't have its own thread.

    The full name of this zoo is Ogród Zoobotaniczny w Toruniu so it's not only about animals but also plants are stars here. The zoo is only 3,81 ha and could be quite easily combine with nearest Bydgoszcz zoo.

    I was there for the first time a short before the whole pandemia started, so it was a winter. However the zoo still had its charm. You can visit here a Bird House with species like Buffon's turaco (Tauraco persa buffoni) or Purple-crested turaco (Tauraco porphyreolophus); and small Reptile House (with e.g. Gastropholis prasina).
    The zoo has nice Caprinae species like Tajik Markhor, Mishmi Takin and a Central Chinese Goral.
    You can meet also with Wolta - an Asiatic Black Bear.

    Overall impression is in my opinion very positive and the zoo is worth a closer look! However you can notice here the passing time also (e.g. pheasant cages, some barriers and fences and species information 'plates').

    The highlight of the zoo could be Red Panda enclosure, Lemur Island as also very nice small cats exhibits. Zoo has 3 cat species: Caracal, Carpathian Lynx and... Fishing Cats!

    Fishing cats arrived on the beginning of September from Munich zoo and are the first Fishing Cats in Poland for many years! Two brothers, Tim and Tommy, settled well here.
    I will post some photos of them, their enclosure and also the zoo in the Gallery soon :)